Sikhululekile Trading Enterprise (Pty) Ltd

is a youth owned company with an aim to focus on human development and training skills in disadvantageous areas, especially rural areas. Its purpose is to create environment with people who are independent self-employed and create job opportunities.

This Company is dedicated to re-dress the obstacles that emanate from the past, based on colour of the skin, gender imbalances. The company is dedicated to the upliftment and empowering of unemployed men and women in our country. The road to a better South African begins with the transformation of communities, which have a challenge to empower each unemployed men and women.

Our business is not about bricks and mortar, but concerns itself with people of flesh and blood who must provide not only for themselves, but also for their dependents.

We approach all our projects from the perspective of the end-users’ lifestyle needs and requirements. Our ability to set and achieve deadlines is unsurpassed, and prides ourselves to have never missed a final milestone.


Sikhululekile Trading Enterprise (Pty) Ltd
was established for the following purpose:

  • To enhance the development of skills in the construction
    industry in those sectors of our society where such skills are mostly lacking. This would be achieved by, as a company continues to grow, providing jobs opportunities to those in need.
  • To deliver clients a quality product within budget and
  • To create sustainable wealth through the provision of requires
    expertise in implementation of both government and private sector initiates.This would grow and strengthen the existence of the firm; hence sustainability would be realized
  • To improve the quality of life of both rural and semi-urban communities of South Africa through capacity building, skills
    development and job creation
  • To be humble enough to gain valuable knowledge, information and experience from those who have more experience than us.


To provide skills which will enable an individual to run an
enterprise successfully and efficiently.

  • Ensure active participation by women; youth in decision making.
  • Develop individuals who are articulate in; conflict management,
    communication, teams building, with leadership qualities
  • Literate in both numeracy and reading.
  • Providing adequate /reliable services, general trading, supply
    and deliver of good services and upgrading standard of local
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